The handmade football shoes Maxel are manufactured in Chiesanuova di Treia, in the province of Macerata, in the heart of the prestigious shoe district in the Marches.
The company set up its activity in 1999, after a long experience in the manufacturing of high-quality leather for the most glamourous brands of the sector.

The Maxel shoes are entirely handmade, except the soles, and the materials are chosen carefully, without omitting an up-to-date design, according to the last trends in the field of football.

Thanks to the collaboration with important footballers like Enrico Chiesa, who joined the national football club, every detail is tested with great attention before the production, in order to guarantee a technically unexceptionable shoe, even to the most demanding footballer.

Maxel is part of the "100% Made in Italy" initiative, that is, a quality brand promoted by Confartigianato (Italian association for Handicraft), to support the real Italian product (

Maxel cooperats with FIGC footballer agencies like AMSports ( and other associations, like Via Soccer, which promotes international cultural exchanges in the field of football (